The AquiFriends take 2nd and 3rd grade students on educational, interactive journeys by exploring the underground world of the Edwards Aquifer. Live school presentations creatively engage children through the use of technology, songs, audience participation, and a question and answer sessions to recap all that they learned. Students gain a new awareness of the various aspects of the aquifer, including hydrology, geology, and the importance of water conservation and aquifer protection. The new AquiFriends program is education based, and was created in an effort to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS in a fun and interactive way. 

Karston, a Texas Blind Salamander

Kinder- 1st grade children will enjoy learning about the Edwards Aquifer from Karston, fictional AquiFriend and Texas Blind Salamander. Educators can schedule the walkabout Karston for live appearances to school groups and events.  Also, our eBook, Little Karston, Big Helper: Conservation allows children to listen, read along, and become active participants in our mission to save water from the aquifer.
The EAA continues to offer an array of free supplemental classroom materials for students of all ages. While Karston brings conservation tips to Kinder- 1st grade and the AquiFriends live presentations are tailored for grades 2nd-3rd graders, the EAA Staff offers Career Day presentations for 4th-5th graders.
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Little Karston, Big Helper

This colorful and fun eBook gives children the opportunity to follow Karston, a Texas Blind Salamander, throughout the day as he thinks of practical ways to save water. As the day goes on Karston calculates the total amount of water he saved by being water smart! We can all work together to conserve, preserve, and sustain our aquifer. Share this eBook with others and schedule a presentation today!